Social Media Top Influence Channel for Generation Z


As Generation Z gets older and moves into independent purchase decision making they become a major priority for marketers. Recent studies by the CMO Council and Pitney Bowes have shown that Generation Z prefers social media as their top influencing channel. 88% of people born since 1997 saying they want brand experiences among digital and physical channels with more than half of that group choose social media over websites. They also said they want video to reflect the products and services they already own or are specifically interested in.

Omnichannel marketing, a blend of digital and physical channels including email, phone, web, video, and social media, is preferred by 87% of Baby Boomers, 85% of Millennials, 83% of Generation X and 82% of the silent generation. According to the report, Millennials may combine text, mobile web and mobile voice into their definition of a “telephone,” but Gen Z has translated the immediacy of response found with a voice-based telephone call into seeking quick service from social media. Gen Z is also less enthusiastic about sharing personal data than Millennials.

43% of survey respondents said they would like video to be more interactive, letting them decide what information they can view and when. A separate study by BBMG and GlobeScan also found that Generation Z also tends to favor companies that commit to working in society’s best interest, are twice as likely to care about issues of equality, and are three times as likely as other generations to say that the purpose of business is to “serve communities and society.”

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