In-app Advertising: Get on the Mobile Train

Neglecting to develop an in-app advertising strategy could leave your business lagging behind.  In-app advertising is the largest shift in the digital marketing industry today.  Particularly in the massively growing Asian marketplace.  With three out of four users saying they use apps when they are bored, you simply cannot afford to snag attention with in-app advertising.

Mobile device Ids can ensure target specific ads go to just a particular type of phone.  Hyperlocal geotargeting shows ads for location-relevant businesses and events.  Commonly, rewarded video ads are used.  These ads trade users’ attention for some kind of in-app reward.  For example, Spotify offers a commercial free listening experience for thirty minutes if you watch an ad first.

In general, audience’s most frequently used apps are their favorites.  Audience networks help advertisers select the right app for their brand to market in.  Associating their brand to a customer’s favorite app gives marketers an advantage over competitors that are simply guessing which app might be a population favorite.  Luckily, social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have established audience networks that advertisers can leverage.

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