Mobile Site Optimization

Optimizing your website for mobile browsing is essential in today’s digital age.  Over 80% of mobile users regularly surf the web on their phones. Mobile-friendly sites also get a higher ranking in Google Search.  To check if your site is mobile-friendly, you can use this tool from Google.  Plus, here are a few common optimization mistakes to avoid.

Don’t put up unplayable content.  License-restricted content or content that requires Flash can give errors on mobile devices and decrease the appeal of your site.

Don’t use poor redirects or mobile-only 404s. Make sure all of your site redirects go to valid mobile equivalents of the desktop URL.  Be on the lookout for mobile 404s too: pages that may load perfectly on a desktop but error on a mobile.

Don’t have a slow page.  Like everything digital today, speed is a necessity.  Mobile browsers can’t handle massive pages of data as fast as their desktop counterparts.  Slow pages foul user experience and most will simply leave your site and move on.

Don’t shove your app on users.  Forcing users to download your app to see your site’s content can be off-putting.  It can also cause indexing issues.  Make your app an attractive option instead.

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