3 Easy Ways to Track Your Social Media Presence

If your business or brand has a social media presence, a tracking system is a must.  Tracking systems allow you to monitor brand mentions, links to your site, conversations, and even hashtags. These monitoring tools below are a great place to start for the small business/ do-it-yourselfer business owner!

Hootsuite.  Hootsuite has been touted as one of the best free monitoring tools out there.  This social media listening tool covers a broad spectrum of multiple networks like Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, etc.  You can also track specific search terms in real time, create weekly reports, and share results with others.

TweetReach & Twazzup.  These two Twitter monitoring tools can be used together or separately depending on your needs. TweetReach lets you find out who your most influential followers are so you can target your marketing to the right people.  Twazzup lets you track by name search, and the results will show you followers, real-time updates, and even the top keywords associated with your search.

HowSociable.  This monitoring tool measures not just your media presence but also those of your competitors.  HowSociable breaks down your scores for up to twelve different social sites, letting you see which platform is working for you.  There is also a pro version upgrade which allows you to track twenty-four sites!

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