Three Issues that May Be Bogging Down Your Digital Marketing

Common pitfalls can shoot down an otherwise successful digital marketing agenda. Here are three issues that can poke giant holes in your dynamic marketing strategy. Take a minute to ensure these aren’t bogging down your business.

Not having a plan

Before you do any kind of marketing, make a plan. A real plan, that includes monitoring and follow up. How you deliver content, when, and to whom are all details that must be worked out prior to implementing digital marketing. Set realistic goals for your marketing strategy, and then make the time to follow up on those goals in a timely fashion. That way, if something isn’t working, you can change it without wasting more time.


Ensure sales and marketing have a clear line of communication. Tailor your marketing strategy to those product lines that sell well and those that could use a boost. Create a system that enables sales to make notes on customers that helps marketing understand their target customers.

Trying to sell against the grain

The customer is always right, so if they want something, get it to them. Make your marketing content sizzle for your solid customers. Market to those customers how they want to be approached: ads, blogs, videos, or face-to-face. Find out what marketing works for your competitors as well, no matter how specialized and unique you believe your product to be.

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