Social Media Marketing

If you are not communicating with your customers on social media, you are missing a golden opportunity! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest: these social media giants expand your business opportunities beyond a simple webpage and can stoke the success of your business. Creating and sharing content on social media can drive audience engagement and provide a platform for harvesting leads and competitive sales. Marketing on social media platforms can increase website traffic, raise product awareness, and increase customer communications and interactions.

The dos and don’ts of social media marketing are straight and to the point. As always in marketing, rule number one is don’t just jump in blind and hope for the best. Make a solid, researched, and developed social media marketing plan. Set goals, pick your target audience, decide what social medial platform gives you the most visibility to your target audience, and formulate a clear message, positive identity, and recognizable brand for your company.

Next, post. Make your content relevant, helpful, and valuable to your customers. Keep your interactions consistent and timely. Post ideas include images, videos, info-graphics, etc. Utilize the opportunity to link to reliable outside sources, and you may get links back in return. Make sure that your content stays consistent across the platforms while also keeping to the platform style. You want your image and your brand to be trustworthy, reliable, and recognizable from one platform to another.

Don’t ever assume that mistakes won’t happen. Have a plan in place for posting snafus. Make sure you, and your employees, know what to do in a social media crisis. While some platforms allow for edits, others do not. It is a good idea to have a proofing system in place to check for errors before the initial post is even made.

Best rule of thumb: prepare, prepare, prepare. Social media marketing can be a fantastic tool in the right hands. Use it wisely!

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