SEO Through Social Media

TwitterThere are a lot of tips out there on how to get SEO benefits from social media, including getting content indexed. The easiest way to get your social media to work for you is to use it the way it was intended. There are a lot of companies who not only use social media to build a brand, but also to reach out and interact with customers. This allows them to not only provide excellent customer service, but to build a relationship with those customers as well.

It’s far more likely someone will link to a page they trust, by having an active social following, you can build that trust and consequently get more links. One of the added benefit is that more people will see your brand through tweets and shares, which also raises the possibility of more links.

Social media allows for an extra level of customer service. Many people take to Twitter with questions and complaints about a brand. Taking care of those complaints can increase your following and in many cases those customers then write positive blogs that link back to you. If you notice a common question repeatedly being asked, you can answer it in a blog and when it comes up link to it.

Another way to help with SEO is to find content creators with interests similar to your brand. Find bloggers who specialize in your area of interest and develop relationships by following, retweeting, or even mentioning them in posts. Once you’ve built a relationship, reach out to see if they are interested in collaborating on content that promotes both you and them.

Just posting a lot on social media isn’t enough for SEO success, but you can use it to your advantage. If you use social media to create relationships, you can then use those relationships to increase organic traffic and that will in turn increase SEO.

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