Replacing Web Design

Robot-TypingThanks to Siri, artificial intelligence has gone from the realm of science fiction to the (sometimes frustratingly) mundane. Now a new release from Wix, has brought artificial intelligence to web design.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is being touted as a blend of human design sensibility and AI in order to create new web templates. According to Wix, no two websites will be the same with variations in layout, theme, colors, and font. Wiz ADI will use different elements tailored to the user based on their tastes, industry, and even location.

While WordPress has the market cornered when it comes to content management systems, one of its drawbacks has been its open source format. While it makes WordPress more flexible, it opens it up to plugins that can slow or crash a site. While Wix doesn’t allow for that great a flexibility, it does mean its plugins are native. With a tighter control over its code, Wix has a generally less buggy interface.

Wix ADI is designed to adapt to changing tastes in web design. Ultimately, with greater learning and continuous crawling of the web, Wix ADI will be able to offer suggestions based on changes within the company or within the industry itself. You can even allow Wix ADI to make small changes automatically, so one day your website may change to meet your tastes before you know what those tastes are.

Of course, the big question is whether a computer can successfully emulate the creativity that goes into graphic design.  And if everyone starts using artificially intelligenced web design, will a particular look and feel emerge that tells people a site was obviously created by a computer?  We, of course, think that you can’t top a personally-designed website created by people who know design and content marketing.

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