B2B Lead Generation

BusinessIt’s always difficult to keep a steady supply of quality leads, especially in an efficient timely manner. A quality business to business (B2B) lead strategy can the basis of an entire selling system. Sometimes knowing what techniques to avoid can be as useful as picking the right ones. Here are a few ideas to help you create your own B2B lead generation system.

Know your audience. Too many companies waste their time on a scattershot approach to generating leads rather than narrowing their focus to better target prospective customers. Analytics have become an increasingly common tool. By using analytics, you can target people with attributes and behaviors that match your top customers. Ultimately, you can avoid wasting time on prospective calls with consumers that simply have no need for your product or service.

Stick with what works. I know it sound like common sense, but if you find you are more likely to get appointments when sending out mass emails, but get very little response from phone calls, focus on the emails. Avoid lead generation methods that aren’t efficient. The idea is to tailor your message for the right customer with the right product using their preferred method of communication.

Have the right tools for the job. Not all lead generation tools work for every situation. Choose technology that best fits your strategy for identifying and communicating with prospective buyers. Some programs use inbound and outbound strategies in order best target new customers. Even once you have decided on a program that best suits your needs, it’s a good idea to continually tweak your message and how you deliver it in order to fine tune it.

Using effective lead prospecting methods and continually testing those methods is key to developing an efficient B2B lead generation strategy. Sometimes finding out what doesn’t work is as important as finding out what does.

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